Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins I've been meaning to read Sweet Evil for a while now since quite a few people have been raving about it. Paranormal romances aren't really my thing but I decided to give it a go and joined a read-along for the book. I'm actually glad that I did give the book a go!

Before reading Sweet Evil, I had never heard of nephilims and books about angels and demons were pretty much untouched ground (the only angel book I'd read prior to Sweet Evil was Fallen, which was just no good). Because I didn't know about nephs, it was interesting to learn more about them along with Anna as I was reading. Learning along with the characters made my reading experience more enjoyable because it felt like I was there as the events were happening. I loved the plot as it managed to keep me engaged all the way through and even had me on edge at certain points.

I really loved the characters of Sweet Evil, they are definitely likable and grew on me more and more as the book progressed. Out of all the characters, I liked Anna the most because she seemed to be quite believable to me and I could even somewhat relate to her. I loved her narrative and being able to know what she was thinking and how she would resist things. I quite liked her relationship with Kaidan; it wasn't exactly insta-love but it was pretty quick. That bugged me a little bit, but I easily got over as their relationship developed. Although I liked her relationship with Kaidan, I'm a bit on the fence about whether I like Kai or not. He is swoon-worthy, but his personality is so hot and cold that at some times I wanted him for myself and at other times I wanted to slap him.

I have a thing for books that take me through a world or country and in Sweet Evil we are taken on a road trip from Atlanta to Los Angeles and we even go to New York. I love seeing characters going to different locations, and I especially loved reading about Anna and Kaiden driving cross-country and how their relationship develops on the journey.

I loved the narrative of Sweet Evil and being able to read in Anna's voice was incredibly enjoyable. But more important than that is the romance. Romance isn't my favourite genre but the romance of Sweet Evil was hot. I sometimes found myself reading paragraphs again, just to get the image of a scene back into my head, it was that steamy.

I loved this book a bit more than I had expected me to. I loved the plot, the romance, the characters but I'm still a bit unsure about Kaidan. He was hot, but the whole hot and cold thing put me off him a little bit. But that aside, I am really looking forward to the next book in the series!