Glow (Sky Chasers #1)

Glow (Sky Chasers #1) - Amy Kathleen Ryan Glow is one of those book that I put on my to-read list based only on the cover and not what the book was about. So when I bought the book while on holiday, I was a little surprised to read that the book was a romance book. But that aside, I bought the book hoping to not be disappointed. Boy, was I disappointed.

I only got through half of the book before giving up from boredom and getting lost in the midst of numerous characters that I presume have absolutely nothing to do with the plot. What I did read I found to be just too slow for my liking. Apart from the New Horizon attacking the Empyrean and kidnapping all of the girls, very little interesting happened. Most of what I read was comprised of Waverly and the other girls being shown around the New Horizon and becoming accustomed with the religious ways of the ship's inhabitants and Kieran and the boys finding out a way to fix the Empyrean. Other than that, practically nothing happened. Hopefully something happens somewhere in the book, but that probably would have marked the book down if I had the patience and finished it.

I didn't find the characters of Glow to be likable at all. I have probably never come across such flat and bland characters in a book. To me, Waverly was extremely prejudiced towards the people on the New Horizon, just because they're religious. And on top of that, her decision making was terrible. I was waiting for her to be an awesome ass-kicking heroine but that never happened. Some heroine. Kieran wasn't prejudiced but he wasn't much better, he also was bad at making decisions and appeared to be motivated by some one-sided argument. Good grief...

One of the things that really bugged me about this book is the religious tones. The ship New Horizon is described as being full of hardcore religious types and it is implied that they are evil and their faith is possibly the reason why. I realise that there are people who dislike people who are of faith, but the religious people in Glow were pretty much stereotypes. A ship full of multiple Ned Flanders. I just couldn't take any more of that.

Glow is told from the view of both Waverly and Kieran and, to be honest, I found neither of them to be interesting or engaging. I found the writing style to be drawn out and added to the boring plot, which had already made my eyes feel heavy every time I looked at the page.

I got about half of the way through Glow before setting it aside forever. Everytime I picked it up, I'd read about two or three pages and then put it down again. I was hoping for a great story about love among the stars and I didn't get that. Unfortunately, this book gets a big fat DNF from me.

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