Forgotten - Cat Patrick I picked up Forgotten at my local library without really knowing what it was about; I was attracted by the pretty cover, like a lot of people are. To me, the blurb is both ambiguous and obvious at the same time, which really intrigued me.

Forgotten has a story that, to me, is quite unique. London, our protagonist, can remember the future, but not the past, which is erased from her mind at 4:33 a.m. and uses notes to remind herself of what has happened the day before. This is where the unique storytelling comes in. When London doesn't write a note, she forgets everything and this is reflected in the narrative. I loved London's voice in the narrative, the number of questions she asks herself adds to the sense of mystery and I could feel her emotions jumping off the page.

As clich├Ęd as it sounds, I felt like I could somewhat connect with London, although I haven't experienced what she has. Most of the time I felt sorry for her, and at other times I wanted to grab hold of her and shake some sense into her. I loved her determination and how she still cares for people, even when things run sour.

Luke sounds like my dream guy; I wouldn't mind him telling me fibs. I liked how he stuck with London and still loved her, even when she wanted to rip his head off. I also liked how he is willing to help London with her problems, no matter what the consequences. What a guy.

The pace of Forgotten is quite relaxed but kept me wanting to read more and more. The moments of tension had me on edge as I read them. I'm disappointed that this is a stand-alone novel, I want to find out what happens when the book is over.

I devoured this book, it kept me intrigued and wanting more and more. I would recommend Forgotten to fans of mystery and also to fans of romance.