The Lucky Ones: A Bright Young Things Novel

The Lucky Ones: A Bright Young Things Novel - Anna Godbersen The last Bright Young Things book! I wasn't expecting the series to end so soon but, book three usually seems like a good place to end. I'd preordered this book quite some time ago and then somehow forgot so it was a surprise when it showed up in the post!

I'm not usually the type of jump straight to conclusions, but I definitely think that The Lucky Ones is the best book in the Bright young Things series. I really do. This is the book that had moments which had my heart in my mouth, and moments that made me feel like I wanted to jump into the book and interact with the characters. What I liked the most about the book's story is that it initially moves at a steady pace with little bumps here and there and then BAM! Right in the feels. I thought that everything moved really well, but the book's epilogue was just absolutely perfect. There is no way that that epilogue could have been made better.

I mentioned in my review of Beautiful Days that I wasn't too particular fond of Astrid in the first two books, but in this book I actually started to like her a little bit. Mainly because I felt somewhat sorry for her. I mean, she is married to Charlie after all. She appeared to be acting less shallow and more grown-up. The character that I started to not like as much was Cordelia, which I found to be quite surprising. Cordelia's personality has changed an awful lot, and she seemed to be a bit mean in this book and I wasn't too keen on that.

Something I that I thought was pretty neat about the way the story is told is that, for me, the end was a complete surprise. I didn't pick up on fancy foreshadowing or anything like that, it just caught me by complete surprise. And it was a good surprise!

After I finished this book and closed it, I sat and just stared into space for about a minute, thinking about what had just happened. I've totally loved this series and I just couldn't believe that it was over! As much as I didn't want it to be over, it feels like it was time and I can always revisit it and get punched in the feels all over again.

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