Hunting Lila

Hunting Lila - Sarah Alderson I first saw Hunting Lila a while back on one of my favourite blogs and the cover instantly drew me into wanting to read it. I love the use of colours and how the light contrasts with the dark, it just looks so mysterious and intriguing! Then there’s the summary: a girl with a secret psychic power? I’m instantly sold. I’d read a few reviews and from them I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed. And I really wasn't.

Hunting Lila has an absolutely superb plot. I loved every single word of the book and simply could not stop reading this book. I even took it to college with me and got told to put it away several times. Yeah, I was that addicted to this book. I really loved how the story was paced, there was an equal amount of steady and fast paced moments and the end really had me hooked and pretty much gripping the edges of the book with all the bombs that are being dropped and the secrets that are being revealed.

The characters of Hunting Lila are incredibly memorable and likeable, especially Lila. I loved her voice and her entire character from her first words of the narrative. Despite the fact that she is telekinetic, I liked how she felt like quite a real and genuine person and she really jumped out at me. I also found her gigantic crush on her brother’s best friend, Alex, to be the cutest thing ever. The way that she reacts even to his presence was just adorable and I don’t really blame her, I really liked Alex too. Dude is too perfect!

I loved both the paranormal side and the romance side of Hunting Lila. I’m not big on romance but I found the romance of the book to be so unbelievably cute that I ended up wanting a guy just like Alex. I just couldn’t resist him! I also loved the concept of people with a gene that gives them a psychic ability; it sounds so cool. And then there’s the mysteries which were quite fun. I did have a go at solving them myself but I wasn’t able to and was actually quite shocked when they were revealed.

For me, reading the book from Lila’s POV made the book incredibly enjoyable. I don’t think there could be a better character to narrate the book than Lila because her voice really jumped out of the pages and I loved hearing things from her point of view.

I loved absolutely everything about this book and Hunting Lila is definitely an instant favourite for me. I loved the characters, I loved the romance, I loved the plot… I loved EVERYTHING! I really need to get my mits on Losing Lila ASAP which I really, really, really hope is as amazing as Hunting Lila was.